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March 2015 Issue

These monthly newsletters  focus on missionary's both at home and abroad.  These focus newsletters will focus on a different missionary each month.

This month our focus is on Missionary Curtis Wakefield and family of Puebla, Mexico.

God Bless,
Kingdom Advance Team


Introducing the Curtis Wakefield family of Puebla, Mexico. 

Missionary Curtis Wakefield was raised in Northern California in an Apostolic Pentecostal pastor’s home. From a young age he was involved in many areas of the work of the church such as cleaning, Sunday School, outreach, and youth ministry in his high school.

Bro. Curtis and Sis. Doreen met while working as dishwasher (Curtis) and counselor (Doreen) at a summer church camp in 1986 and married Nov. 14, 1987. They attended and ministered in Elder Glenn Wakefields church in Chico, CA.

Bro. Curtis Wakefield’s father, Elder Glenn Wakefield began to win Spanish speaking people into the church in Chico, CA. After feeling the call to Mexico, Elder Glenn and Esther Wakefield made the big step in 1992 to move to Mexico and began preaching and planting churches in the states of Guererro, Oaxaca, and Puebla.

Bro. and Sis.Curtis Wakefield supported the elder Wakefields’ ministry for the first 3 years until God opened other doors of financial assistance for them.

In 1998, after having given to the works in Mexico and having visited the churches, the burden began to grow to be more involved in the missions work there. After much prayer, fasting, and counsel, God made a way! In 1999 they sold their business and everything they owned and moved to Mexico, driving a 1986 Volkswagen Jetta.


For those first few years Bro. Curtis Wakefield assisted his father while him and his family learned the language and the culture of Mexico.

The Wakefields returned to the U.S. for 5 years after Austin, their son, was born with several health issues. During this time in the U.S. they pastored in the state of Georgia and returned to Mexico in 2008.

Early in 2008 Elder Phillip White asked Bro. Curtis to pray and consider pastoring a daughter work of theirs on the north side of Puebla, a city of 2.5 million. It was God’s will and the Wakefields still pastor at that location.

God has been very good to the Wakefields and the churches of Puebla and other parts of Mexico. The fellowship of independent, like-minded men is growing as is the number of the churches.

Elder Glenn Wakefield formed an independent apostolic Mexican organization in 2006 called Pentecostal Covenant Ministries (translated) and consists of 4 established churches and various other preaching points at this time. Other apostolic missionaries have legal religious status in Mexico under the umbrella of this organization.

Time and space do not suffice to tell of the many things that God is doing and has done in Mexico.

From the tent revivals and building projects, to personal testimonies of salvation and the church schools; not to mention the many doors God is opening for the future.

Thank God for all his blessings and favor!

Missionary Curtis Wakefield and his wife Sis. Doreen Wakefield live in Puebla with their children Bethany 24, Nicole 22, and Austin 13. They desire your prayers and support in preaching this great Apostolic, Acts 2:38, holiness message.  




The Wakefields are in their fourth year of Christian school for their church kids. With the help of Pastor Bullock and the church of Vidor, Texas and Pastor John Collins of Twin Falls, Idaho the Wakefields completed a third floor of their building for a classroom and school office.

First Day of School


Praise Reports
  • Recent completion of a new church in Mexico City. 
The new pastor was installed 1 year ago and with the help of our brethren in the United States the building was finished. We recently held our annual conference in that new, beautiful building and the power of God was present. Several received the Holy Ghost and churches were strengthened.
  • Completion of the school classroom and office in the Northern Puebla church.
  • Built a woodshop to teach the youth and men carpentry and welding. We thank our supporters for help in acquiring the tools to accomplish the building of the workshop.
Vision and Purpose:
  1. Build real Apostolic Holiness churches.
  2. Train godly men to be successful in their calling through the Bible School, Apostolic University.
  3. Plant new churches as God opens the doors and provides the laborers.
  4. Educate our children in K-12 schooling in a godly, safe environment.


Bro. Wakefield's daughters, Bethany and Nicole, have a blog that tells their side of the Missions in Puebla story. It is often humorous and interesting. It gives great insight into daily life on the missions field. It is:www.thewakefieldsinmexico.blogspot.com

Current Need: 

 New Vehicle

We are in urgent need about $25000, to purchase  a van or SUV for ministry and personal use.

 Our current van (A Dodge Grand Caravan 2010) has served us well up until 6 months ago. We thank God for it. It was a miracle for us. However, we are in need of a dual use vehicle, for personal use and to transport people to church.

We would be able to accept a donated van or SUV that is 4 years old or older. We cannot register a vehicle here that is newer than that.

If we buy here in Mexico we can get any year available. The exchange rate for the peso is very favorable and cars are reasonably priced at this time.

Can you help with the cost of this project? $25,000 Needed

Thanks in advance for being a part of this project!

For more information and to donate to this project click here!

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