Tim Joiner Bio 

Missionary Tim Joiner was born in 1965, in the state of Louisiana. He was blessed to be raised in an Apostolic home. His parents were home missionaries, who established a number of churches for the Kingdom of God. Bro. Joiner was no stranger to church work and in his early teens he began preaching and helping his father in the local church.


In 1983, Bro. Joiner married a young lady, Brigette Croy, who was a member of his father’s church. They were blessed to have two children, Mark and Haley. The Joiner family spent many years evangelizing all over the USA. In the year of 1998, Bro. and Sis. Joiner made a trip to Belize, traveling around just seeing the country. After returning to the states, God began to deal with his heart about Belize. Bro. Joiner tried running from the call to the foreign field until God got his attention and he committed himself to the call.


On January 8th, 2001, the Joiner Family loaded up a 1984 church van and a 12-foot trailer, and headed to Belize, via Mexico. The January night they left, it was raining and sleeting terribly. After many days of traveling, in spite of breakdowns and problems with the Mexican authorities, they made it to Belize.


The Apostolic Pentecostal Church of Belize was established and a church was begun in the living room of a home owned by a woman who had family in the church of Pastor A.L. Lyle, in Jeanerette, La. They quickly outgrew the living room and a church was built out of poles, cut down from the jungle, covered with plastic tarps. They worshipped under this structure on sawdust floors, for almost two years. God blessed them to purchase a piece of property in a wonderful location, in the center of the village of Guinea Grass. Today, a beautiful church, home, and dormitories sit on this piece of land.


If you were to visit the Joiner family and the work of God in Belize, you will find a revival church full of Apostolic folks with a godly youth group. If you have time, there are five other established churches that you may possibly get to visit while there.


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