Pastor Jacob Middleton first came to a One God, Apostolic church on Easter Sunday in 1998, in Red Bluff, Ca. He was used in his home church preaching from time to time and drove the van route for all services and youth nights. In 2003 he moved to Susanville to help build a church and was married in 2004. In late 2004 Bro. and Sis. Middleton started a work in a nearby city. Door knocking and home bible studies was a major part of their outreach. In 2008 they moved back to Susanville. Later, with only 2 children, Bro. Middleton became pastor of Truth Tabernacle of Susanville, Ca. Inc. on April 21st, 2010. With the help of one other couple they began a work. Their first services were held at the Monticola Club building on Sundays and Thursdays where they rented by the week. Shortly after God opened doors and they began leasing a building in the Lassen shopping center, right off of Main Street/Hwy 36. Excited to be right on the main drive, through town, they converted the old Curves building into the sanctuary they have today. God worked through another neighboring pastor and they were blessed with chairs, a piano, and a drum set.


Truth Tabernacle has a regular attendance of 11, with more during Sunday School. They now have 2 services on Sundays, a Tuesday night prayer meeting and bible study, and a Thursday night service. They are currently in a 3 year lease but, eventually, they would like to find another location with separate rooms for Sunday school. They look forward to being able to do more revival services and having special speakers, park services and continued outreach.


Susanville is located in the Northeastern corner of Califonia, with a population of about 16,600. The church is a located in a storefront, in a shopping center right off of Main Street/Hwy 36


We pray that God would save families in Susanville and help us spread the truth. We want to be a blessing to the community of Susanville while upholding the Apostolic doctrine.


We're praying God prepares hearts for repentance and see continued growth.

Bro. Middleton states "Under the guidance of Elder Vaughn Morton, we took over the church in Susanville. We prayed and asked Pastor Nathan Morton to become our pastor. He is now our pastor and Truth Tabernacle of Susanville, Ca. Inc. now has a board of elders consisting of Pastor Nathan Morton, Reverend Galen Gregg, and Evangelist Sam Howard."

Bro. Middleton is currently self employed, running 2 small businesses, and Sis. Middleton is now able to stay home and homeschool their children, Josiah (7), Zechariah (5), and Nicole (3).

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