Help the Wakefield family buy a new vehicle.
Curtis Wakefield | Puebla, Mexico

We are in urgent need of about $25000, to purchase  a van or SUV for ministry and personal use.

 Our current van (A Dodge Grand Caravan 2010) has served us well up until 6 months ago. We thank God for it. It was a miracle for us. However, we are in need of a dual use vehicle, for personal use and to bring people to church.

We would be able to accept a donated van or SUV that is 4 years old or older. We cannot register a vehicle here that is newer than that.

If we buy here in Mexico we can get any year available. The exchange rate for the peso is very favorable and cars are reasonably priced at this time.

Can you help with the cost of this project? You can donate directly to Missionary Curtis Wakefield by clicking the Donate button below:

God bless and thank you for giving to this project!