Vision Statement is a web-based ministry created to enhance Apostolic Missions globally. Through Kingdom Advance foreign missionaries, pastors, and new church planters will be able to connect, collaborate, make financial contributions one to another, and celebrate kingdom successes. Kingdom Advance will bring greater connectivity to the Body of Christ. That connectivity will result in limitless creativity which in turn increases the profitability of the kingdom. Kingdom Advance will make communication between church leaders easier through a ministerial directory made accessible to each member of Kingdom Advance. Quick access to contact info means less delay and less delay will get more accomplished.Paving the Way Kingdom Advance will generate unparalleled collaboration within "The Church."
This site is designed for vision building. Foreign and Home Missions will present their visions on this website in the form of projects. Other Ministries will visit the website seeking opportunities to help them in some way. As the website is perused each vision becomes a shared vision. One ministry decides to provide the funds necessary for another ministry to do the work and thus the kingdom is advanced. Kingdom Advance will strengthen the work of God financially. The immediacy of monies made possible by online banking will ensure projects are funded easily and expediently.
Kingdom Advance will be a place to celebrate the great achievements made possible through the connections, collaborations, and contributions of the body of Christ. This will undoubtedly inspire both the givers and the laborers within the work of God. Highlighting what has been done will manifest what can be done thus creating a greater desire to do more. Kingdom Advance by virtue of its name is unlimited in its capacity to broaden and better the work of God across the globe.
We will do whatever we can to see the Kingdom Advance!! 



Doctrinal Statement


Everyone who partners, promotes or participates with Kingdom Advance, wholeheartedly commits to the following as a personal and ministerial doctrinal statement:
  • A belief in ONE GOD, infinite in power, whose name is JESUS.
  • A belief in the Apostles Doctrine, as presented in Acts 2:38, as the only plan of salvation. (Repentance, Baptism in Jesus name by immersion for the remission of sins, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost evidenced by the speaking in other tongues as the Spirit gives utterance (Acts 2:4, 38; Acts 19:5-6).
  • A belief in the literal second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. A belief in the glorious catching away of the saints (the rapture), and that only those who are filled with His Spirit, and are living a life of Holiness will go with Him when He comes (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18; 1 Corinthians 15:51-54; Acts 2:11).
  • A belief in living a Holy and Sanctified life, apart from which one cannot please God (Hebrews 12:14).
  • A belief that as an Apostolic believer, no material (Hollywood, etc.) that violates the Biblical teachings of holiness in body, mind and spirit should be viewed or have a place in our homes and lives, regardless of the medium that may present that material.
  • A belief that the Bible deals with dress, ornamentation and the wearing of gold (jewelry) in a very definite manner. When the Bible says, "modest apparel," a belief that the Bible means exactly what it says (1 Peter 3:3-4). 


Leadership Team


Coordinators: Daniel McKillop, James Townley

Advisory Board: Caleb Adams, Ken Bow, Jason Calhoun, Clifford Clark, John Padgett