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In an attempt to answer whatever questions you may have, we have compiled a list of general questions and answers. If you have any questions that cannot be answered by the information presented below, please contact us here. We look forward to hearing from you. 




How Do I Contribute?

It is necessary to be a registered member of Kingdom Advance to make contributions to projects. This is why it is paramount to register. You can register by clicking here.


What if I am not a Pastor?

Kingdom Advance is set up to receive donations from Pastors only. So, what happens if I am not a Pastor? We encourage you to peruse the sight. If you are motivated to respond to a particular project, forward the information to your Pastor; talk about it with fellow believers; promote it on Twitter, Facebook or other social media outlets. Donations can be made to your local church, which in turn are forwarded to Kingdom Advance through your Pastor's account with us. 


What if I am not a Church-goer or I am a Business Owner?

First of all, accept our thanks for your interest in the promotion of missions through Kingdom Advance. We encourage you to contact us by clicking here. We will be happy to assist you in your desires to contribute to a particular project. 


What Percentage of Funds Go to the Project?

The only percentages of the funds that are withheld from your donation is directly associated with the processing fees of our merchant provider (PayPal). The fees are tiered based on the amount donated, but it averages about 3% per transaction.


How is Kingdom Advance Funded?

Kingdom Advance withholds nothing from funds donated through our website for personal or ministry expenses, etc. When we go live, Kingdom Advance will have a project page of its own. On our page you will see the cost breakdown analysis associated with keeping Kingdom Advance viable. We encourage you to prayerfully consider supporting this initiative. 


How often is the Progress Graph Updated for a Project?

We are presently working with our web host, Elexio, to have the status bar for funds updated LIVE. Presently, we are updating the graph daily. If you have made a donation, please allow 12-24 hours to see your donation reflected in the progress bar.


What Happens to Overflow Money Designated for a Project?

Any donors who have made donations after a project has been met, will be contacted by the Missionary. They will have the option to either direct the surplus towards the original project or, redirect the funds to other ministry projects the missionary may present to them. 


Is Kingdom Advance 501C3 Compliant?



How do I get my Projects on Kingdom Advance?

If you are an Apostolic Missionary, or church planter, we want to help you. The vetting process for becoming a partner with Kingdom Advance is addressed here. The process is SIMPLE. Don't hesitate. We are anxiously waiting to partner with you. Together we can Advance the Kingdom!


What if my Ministry Doesn't have 501C3 Status?

In order to take full advantage of the simplicity and efficiency of the Kingdom Advance model, we encourage all Missionaries and Home Missionaries that are partnering with us to start the process of becoming 501C3 compliant. In order to donate online, all partners with Kingdom Advance must be compliant. However, we do have an alternative. The "I Am Foundation", overseen by Pastor Jonathan Alvear, has agreed to partner with Kingdom Advance in the event that monies need to be transferred to a ministry that is not 501C3 compliant. For this we are grateful. For further information regarding this option, contact us here.